One of a kind, professional quality, individually custom crafted puppets

Puppets For Goodness Sake Inc. is a company that has been dedicated for 20 years to creating high quality, custom
designed puppet characters at affordable prices. They are designed to entertain both children and adults, while delivering
a powerful and lasting impression.

Marlene Reimer, the founder of the company, and Brenda Reimer create the puppet characters. They have children (and
grandchildren) of their own and know firsthand the impact that puppets can have on children of all ages and how effective
they can be to teach them important lessons of everyday life.

Marlene's puppet making skills have been developed through twenty years of experience in both puppet creation and
performance. Her expertise and creativity has been further enhanced through instruction received from renowned puppet
makers in the television industry. Marlene has directed puppet troupes across Ontario in a wide variety of settings,
including schools, churches, shopping malls and private homes, in addition to special occasions for corporations and
unions. These venues have offered opportunities to performance-test all puppet designs and materials for ease and
effectiveness of manipulation and durability.